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Clutch: Announce Main Support Band, Planet Of Zeus

Apparently Planet of Zeus’ hard work over the years didn’t go annoticed by the legends Clutch and for that they were chosen to be...

Μεγάλος διαγωνισμός και άλλες εκπλήξεις για το Defcon Fest 7

Η διοργανώτρια εταιρεία του Defcon Fest 7, Trailblazer Records, ανακοίνωσε έναν πρωτοποριακό και άκρως ενδιαφέρον διαγωνισμό, προσφέροντας μάλιστα ως έπαθλα σε 10 τυχερούς, gift...

Solarmonkeys – Payblack

Genre: Hard Rock/Southern Country: Greece Label: The Sound of Everything Year: 2015 Solarmonkeys is a band that was born round about 2011 and since then someone could say...

Inter Arma: Stream Entire New EP

Inter Arma is now streaming their new EP, 'The Cavern' in its entirety via Pitchfork.

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