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Inter Arma: Stream Entire New EP

Inter Arma is now streaming their new EP, 'The Cavern' in its entirety via Pitchfork.

Exotype: Streaming Entire Album

Exotype stream the entire new album on Rise Records Official Youtube Channel.

YOB: New Album Now Playing In Full at Pitchfork

As commanding as it is cathartic, Clearing The Path To Ascend, the long-anticipated new full-length from Portland doom technicians YOB demands the tandem attention...

Deathhammer: Reveal Artwork, Tracklisting & Stream 2 New Songs

Dweller of the blackest Hell Come forth and strike your sword through the heart of god! Old school thrashers Deathhammer are releasing their 4th album...

Abysmal Dawn: New Song

Check out the brand new track "Inanimate"! Crank it up and bang your heads!

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