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Aosoth: Stream new studio album “V: The Inside Scriptures” in full

French black metallers AOSOTH stream new studio album "V: The Inside Scriptures" in full. The album is out today,  November 17th on Agonia Records. Listen to the album on YouTube and buy...

CodeDecoded: Streaming ‘Catacombs Of Rotting Souls’ in its entirety

Technical death metallers CodeDecoded are streaming their new album 'Catacombs Of Rotting Souls' in its entirety via YouTube. The band's new effort currently is...

Cannibal Corpse: Listen to ‘Red Before Black’ in its entirety

Cannibal Corpse has released their fourteenth full-length, Red Before Black, a few days ago via Metal Blade Records. You can listen to Red Before Black in full and also...

Ne Oblivicaris: Listen to the new album ‘Urn’ in its entirety

Australian progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris is streaming their forthcoming album, Urn. The album is out now via Season of Mist. You can listen below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oTbsAHTXrc&ab_channel=SeasonofMist

Altarage: Listen to their new album ‘Endinghent’ in its entirety

Spanish death/black metallers Altarage are streaming their new album Endinghent in its entirety below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUmPQvu5z1U&ab_channel=SeasonofMist  

August Burns Red: Listen to “Phantom Anthem” in its entirety

Listen to August Burns Red's brand new album "Phantom Anthem" in its entirety below. The album is out in stores now via Fearless Records. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLWbhBVuEuDkXkiJhNEoUNYt78lrSeHHkJ&time_continue=19&v=WO_-D606lKs&ab_channel=FearlessRecords

Septicflesh: Listen to ‘Codex omega’ in its entirety

Extreme metallers SEPTICFLESH are streaming their new album “Codex omega” in its entirety one day before its official release date. The album is due out tomorrow September...

Lonewolf Release New Single

French heavy metal band Lonewolf jusst launched on youtube the single “Through Fire, Ice and Blood” from their upcoming album “Raised On Metal”, out...

Atriarch: ‘Dead As Truth’ streaming now in its entirety

Blackened Doomsters Atriarch are streaming their upcomimg new album Dead As Truth in its entirety below via YouTube. The album will hit the stores on August 11th...

The Ruins Of Beverast: Listen to Exuvia in its entirety

German black metal unit, THE RUINS OF BEVERAST-- the expansive work of one Alexander Meilenwald, drummer from bands such as Nagelfar, Truppensturm, Verdunkeln, and...

At The Drive In: Listen to their new album in its entirety

At The Drive In are streaminng their new album, in•ter a•li•a, in its entirety below. The album is due out now through Rise Records and...

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