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Tales of Autumn – In Μadness we Τrust


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Genre: Melodic Progressive Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: –
Year: 2018

This album is like good sweet wine. You can drink it non-stop without worrying for a headache.It is a 2018 harvest from English vineyards, produced by young winemakers. One would expect to taste a dry white wine, but due to the Greek singer’s melancholic tannins and tension, the wine actually is classified as rosé. The color is bright and spotless. Crystal clear if I might say so. The wine is aged and fermented into a steel barrel made of pure metal, because when I swirl and agitate it aromas of Opeth, Paradise Lost, Savior Machine rise. I think I am also picking a scent of Led Zeppelin. Perfection. Ι let the wine breath, absorb some oxygen and then take the first sip. Mmmm, lyricism, melody and harshness balancing on equal doses. Lots of information to absorb. The more it stays in your mouth, the better it becomes. The guitarist leaves a characteristic fruity seductive taste at the end that will follow you. I would say it is ideal for escorting you in lonely afternoons of meditation, but also for keeping you company in relaxing walks in the nature. Highly recommended.


Sometimes With Frøst In My Keyboard, Sometimes With Sand. Πότε Στα Χιονισμένα Βουνά, Πότε Στη Καυτή Άμμο. https://www.facebook.com/HellenicMetalCluster

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