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Taphos Nomos – West of Everything Lies Death


Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Hammerheart Records
Year: 2015

Taphos Nomos are a band from Pittsburgh with almost 2 years of activity. It was 2014 when they formed in and they have released one EP and one Demo. The EP is called “West of Everything Lies Death” and includes the only song of the demo, too. The line-up is: Tectonic Mastication (bass, vocals), Arthur Rainnbridge (drums, percussion), Canyon Shifter (guitars, vocals), Sylvan Spectrecraft (synths, vocals) and Mountain of Doom (vocals).

This is a Death/Doom Metal oriented recording with an old school feeling especially in the sections of playing and sound. It’s more preferable to say that this is a deadly mix of classic Death Metal, tinged with elements of Doom and Black Metal. Sometimes vocals follow psalmodic, gothic and clear paths which in combination with syths create an uncanny sweet noise.

These guys are interested in geology, taphonomy and death without making any kind of exception. Rhythms are exactly what the listener would like to listen to in the case of these lyrical themes. Heavy and doom guitars lead to the slow death of human being. After this situation, the body is prepared for the transition of its parts with a more quick and death rhythms that fulfil the whole atmosphere of this release. Afterwards, bass and synths undertake to transfer the remains from biosphere to lithosphere for the creation of fossil assemblages. Finally, drums and percussion take care for the perpetuation and the discovery of these products.

Generally, Taphos Nomos are playing deadly Death Metal that smells of rot and decay. They have made a very powerful beginning in the world of music and they will take you by full surprise. The era of mining the mineral wealth of the world have just arisen!



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