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Tarnkappe – Tussen Hun En De Zon


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Netherlands
Label: Hammerheart Records
Year: 2014

INFORMATION: Trying to find the history of this band, I unearth the German meaning in mythology of the word “Tarnkappe”. So, “Tarnkappe” is an object that anyone can use it and be invisible for some time or, in other words, it’s a cloak of invisibility and, also, nowadays, this could be a cloak of mist. Using this meaning and listening to their music, everyone can understand why the Dutch selected this name for their band.

So, Tarkappe is a three members band with two releases in their activity. The first one is “Fryslan” (2014), a Split with three more bands (Blakharaz, Funeral Procession and Manzanar), and the second one is a full-length album, which is called “Tussen Hun en de Zon” (meaning: “Between them and the Sun”) and it’s going to release on October 13th.

“TUSSEN HUN EN DE ZON”: This album is really a Black Metal recording. Its sound, which is organic and natural, is leading you directly back to ‘90s, without some massiveness like many Black Metal bands are adopting last years. Tarnkappe is true-hearted blacksters and they believe in their music. There are songs with fast playing on guitars and bass but this speed is opposite to the slowest playing on drums that Nortfalke decided to “dress” them, so the final result is quite evil and diabolical. Moreover, there are both fast and slow rhythms all over the album which in combination with the sardonic gnome vocals with desperately cries elements in some parts create the classical tormented feelings of Black Metal music.

Before concluding, it’s quite notable to mention the last song of the album. “Wouddwallen” is the way that anyone can wander around the forest. This is exactly the sense of this track, creating, parallel, some thoughts of haunted trees and eerie atmosphere.

IN CONCLUSION/GENERALLY: It’s true that “Tussen Hun en de Zon” is a Black Metal release which is consisted of almost the most appropriate elements of this kind of music. But, it’s need for more complicated compositions than those of this album and, of course, it’s necessary for English titles and lyrics. Finally, anyone can understand that Tarnkappe are influenced by bands such as Arckanum, Burzum, Darkthrone and Kampfar (especially in their slowest parts) but they can surpass this stigma. They have to find by themselves the way to this challenge.

RECOMMENDED SONGS: “Poorten der Triomf”, “Mit Ketten am Leiche”, “Duister Mijn Geweten” and “Kaalslag”.

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