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Tarot – The Warrior’s Spell


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Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country: Australia
Label: Heavy Chains

Tarot is a band hailing from the far-away Australia and this is their debut album, which in truth is a compilation containing 3 EP’s they had already released and 2 new tracks.

First thing that someone notices is their obvious love for the sound of the 70’s, which is made obvious by their “old-ish” analog production. Contrary to the majority of the 70’s revival bands, that try –sometimes successfully, some others not so much- to blend the Sabbath-ish with hard blues and psychedelia, Tarot demonstrate a greater love for the way this scene was made famous that decade by Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Jethro Tull, the wider subcategory of Prog/Rock and proto-Metal bands, reaching as far as the roots of NWOBHM.

These guys from Australia compose beautiful, hard melodies, setting rather frequently an epic mood and folk elements, atmospheric and well-played analog keyboards and many good ideas. In my humble opinion, the drawback is that they rarely build the mood so high as to lift us off, gifting us with the compositions your ears would seek again and again, as gloriously as the music heroes did during their glorious past. This of course, doesn’t mean they can’t do that in the future, because they demonstrate the necessary background for something like that; it’s just up to them to prove it.

Songs that stand above the others in my opinion are “Life and Death”, with the beautiful sing-along melody, “The Wasp” with the straight-in-your-face riff and the epically atmospheric “Twilight Fortress”.

Summarizing, “The Warrior’s Spell” is an honest work that makes a lot of promises. We’re looking forward to….


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