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Tau Cross: Announce New Bass Player


Last Updated on 08:30 PM by Lilliana Tseka

Tau Cross has just announced that Tom Radio will be taking on bass duties when the band tours in early 2016. Tom is currently playing in Seattle D-beaters Frustration as well as working on the Tau Cross material.

Tau Cross singer The Baron (Rob Miller) explains: “In Amebix all the lyrics were written around the Bass lines,which made it relatively easy to sing and play bass guitar at the same time. With Tau Cross the vocal parts are a bit more demanding,like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach at once, so i have decided to step aside and let someone else drive the underbelly of the band. This will let me focus on the vocal side of the live sound. I shall still be writing and playing the bass along with the other guys for studio recordings, but we are all very happy to have Tom on board as well. We are currently trying to put some dates together for early next year.

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