10.4 C

The 69 Eyes – West End


Genre: Gothic Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2019

Imagine what would happen if Nikki Sixx had a gangbang with the Lost Boys cast? In case this has already happened, the outcome is The 69 Eyes from Finland. Helsinki’s beloved vampires finally managed to achieve a great discographic comeback, after two or three mediocre (or bad) releases the past few years. “West End” brings back memories from the golden times of “Blessed Be”, “Paris Kills” and “Wasting The Dawn”, combining once more in a unique way, the romantic gothic aura with glittery rock ‘n’ roll vibes in the tracks of the 80’s. Even though those two may seem totally irrevelant to each other for those who are not familiar with them, or even dislike them, “West End” is a great example of 69 Eyes’ musical identity; it’s a record that can persuade someone to give them a shot and to finally love them. Already from the start, the record goes on fire. The opening “Two Horns Up” and “27 & Done” are a bit more partish, but eventually the atmosphere gets a little erotic, not in the sad way. More, in the sexual way. “Black Orchid”, “Burn Witch Burn” and “Death and Desire” are the top three ones, while “Cheyenna” is among their best tracks ever, along with the oldies “Brandon Lee”, “Dance D’ Amour” and “August Moon”. Being unique in their type since they are a combination of two things that in reality are worlds apart for the musical stereotypes, The 69 Eyes managed this year to win the award of the best release by Nuclear Blast for 2019.


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