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The Flesh Trading Company – Necromatic Rituals


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Genre: Thrash, Death Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Independent
Release: 03/03/2018

Four years after the release of their debut “Zombificated”, The Flesh Trading Company made their comeback with their new album “Necromantic Rituals”. Within nine tracks lasting a total of 37 minutes, the Germans manage to pass through the range of Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Rock ‘n’ Roll, while in the slower parts we can clearly distinquish Heavy Metal influences. In general, we’ re talking about an album with a lot of energy, dynamics and expressiveness, which is often missing from the works of many artists. It includes moments that can seduce you to their rhythm, however, to move on to the negative points of the effort, their compositions and performance from a point onwards enter a monotonous loop, where the structures are very similar to each other, making each track foreseeable and I doubt they will ever win the bet of the time, meaning I give the record little chance of being cited as a remarkable example of the sound they serve. It’s worth it to fill your time playing in the background, but the lack of originality unfortunately subtracks half of the deserved points.


* It is saved from the introductory narration of the 5th monologue of Shakespeare “Hamlet”.


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