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The Haunted – Strength In Numbers


Genre: Melodic Death/Groove Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2017

In 2014 The Haunted made a solid comeback with the album “Exit Wounds”. Before that release, there were some lineup changes in the making, with Marco Aro handling vocals in Peter Dolving’s place, Ola Englund handling the guitars instead of Anders Bjorler and Adrian Erlandsson taking the place behind the drums after PerMollerJensen. With this final line-up, the band returns 3 years later with the magnificent and – in my opinion – even better album “Strength In Numbers”. The album opens with an instrumental track, which passed the ball to brutal (pun intended) “Brute Force”, that along with Erlandsson’s double drum kicks smashes your teeth. In this record, one can notice many thrash elements among others alongside more melodic passages that may remind you of – and why not to be honest – “The Dead Eye” era. “The Fall” could be an exemplary track of the aforementioned statement. Ola and Patrik are at their best and this is evident by the collaboration between them two regarding the composition of the tracks. Marco behind the microphone, once again vomits hatred and anger. Finally, the production is beyond words. It is what it should be. This is the kind of production that sounds most suitable for this band. God bless Mr. Russell for the outcome!

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Vaios Sven
Vaios Sven
Death Metal to the Fucking Bone

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