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The Kids Are Back! CONTRABASS Rock band bringing down YouTube with Deep Purple cover…


Last Updated on 03:44 PM by Giorgos Tsekas

While the political games continue in between Ukraine, Russia and the big forces there is a light of hope coming out from Vinnytsia UKRAINE! What happens the latest days is pretty amazing with this gang consisted of 11 year old twins Polina and Hlib Kosenko.

They made it to the finals of a TV show in their country and their new target is the British Talent show. Their Deep Purple cover has almost hit 250.000 views but the most heart opening thing is seeing their gold talent crafted by their Teacher – Valery Sorochenko. Their pure child flame is unleashed through their front man “Dennis the Menace” or to be more serious Andriy Labenko who is only 10 yo and has an excellent appearence on the stage.

Their story begins in 2017 when with their first teacher (RIP) were doing covers of local bands but also Beatles, Louis Armstrong etc. Their music tastes are focused on hard rock heavy metal while they seem to love Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metallica and Guns n Roses. The line up is completed by Andriy Desyatnyuk 11 year who’s playing bass and new guitarist Dmitro Kachur 14 years!

Watch the video with Polina hitting hard the drumkit with near jazz style playing and lets see what these small miracles with hard work can do. You know you have plenty of time so … \m/

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