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The Metallic Landscape of Greece


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(Notice: Every link corresponds to a song)

This is a short trip through the landscape of Hellas, a place that has influenced various rock and metal artists throughout the years!

Starting from our capital city Athena and the magnificent Acropolis, we head to Piraeus port to take the ship to a faraway small island to the east called Castellorizon… but first we have to stop to Rhodes and say hi to our good old friend Mihalis! On our way back to Athens, we decide to visit the leventogenna Creta island, where the Labyrinth of Minotaur was and then on our way upwards the traditional Hydra island. It is time now to return back to Athens again and explore the mainland, having as a final destination the magic island of Corfu (according to The Odyssey, the shipwrecked hero Ulysses was washed ashore and awaken to the laughter of princess Nausika and her friends washing clothes in a nearby stream). The first stop of our roadtrip is to the fuckin’ loud village Χιλιομόδι of Corinthus. Afterwards we continue a bit further down to heroic Sparta, and even further down to the isle of Kythera. Going north now, we travel in Stygian, to one of the rivers that lead to the underworld located up at the Aroania Mountain (2,355 m). Then we make a small detour and visit the stoned villages of Ioannina city, drink from the river of woe Acherontas, pass from the spiritual Meteora and then head to the godly Mount Olympos (2,917m), the planet of Zeus! It is already late at night and we are tired from driving all day, so we end up at Thessalonikis’ airport SKG in Macedonia, leave the car there and take the next flight to Corfu. Having arrived in Corfu we can now enjoy the Adriatic sunset from Pelekas with a local unpasteurized and unfiltered Corfu Beer in hand.

We have many beautiful musical corners to discover, come!

Sometimes With Frøst In My Keyboard, Sometimes With Sand. Πότε Στα Χιονισμένα Βουνά, Πότε Στη Καυτή Άμμο. https://www.facebook.com/HellenicMetalCluster

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