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The Noise Figures – Telepath


Genre: Garage, Psychedelic Rock, Blues / Heavy Rock
Country: Greece
Label: Inner Ear
Year: 2018

One of the bands that this country has ever spawned that have worked their ass off all these years, travelling across Greece and Europe offering numerous live performances, the Fuzz Rock duo from Athens, which answers to the name of Noise Figures, decided almost three years after the release of “Aphelion” to return to active discography, by releasing their third full length album, titled “Telepath”. We’re dealing with a concept album that consists of ten tracks, whose main lyrical themes and overall mentality lies upon spiritualism and personal experiences, thus leaving the aftertaste that this album was written for you, for me, for everybody individually. Surely, we could argue that this time we’re listening to a different side of the band, without this meaning that the effort lacks the libertarian expressions and the fluid character each of the band members have. The most striking feature of the “Telepath” personally speaking, was the alternations and fluctuations of rhythms and moods. We move towards light, as well darkness; from extreme energy and hypertension to calmness and introversion. It’s a big deal for a band to be able to change in their musical creation, even when it happens in just a single song (listen to “Healing Light”), which justifies the libertarian mentality I mentioned above. Musically speaking, the tracks are moving betwixt garage, psychedelic, blues rock and heavy rock rhythms, among others. Melodicity in vocals adds theatricality and makes our whole experience with the record more intense. It may sound foolish what I’m about to say, but “Telepath” by Noise Figures sounds like it brings in the spring. It has an optimistic and renaissance-like character that automatically classifies it in one of the most distinct Greek releases.

Attention to detail makes “Telepath” one of the most beautiful albums that sprang from our scene and my gut tells me that it will stay in the audience’s consciousness.

In addition to the album’s digital release on the well-known platform (whose hyperlink can be found below), “Telepath” was released on CD and vinyl by Inner Ear in March 2018. Dig in!

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