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The Principality of Hell – Hellfire & Brimstone


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Genre: Black / Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: World Terror Committee
Year: 2014

Black Fucking Metal! Fire and Brimstone in your face! With such a statement on the intro and the chorus, you can’t expect more than something very promising. Especially when the band consists of 2 veteran members of the early Greek Scene (The Magus, El) plus Maelstrom (participating in a lot of bands the latest years)

The band is rather new with only 1 year of existence and this album its their debut, through World Terror Committee Records. Oldschool as it gets, from the logo and the cover, till the sound and the compositions themselves, this album started shaking me and even made me head bang since the first track kicked in! The influences from bands like Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory and the likes can be heard from the first riff, while a 2nd generation Norwegian type black metal “aroma” emerges on some occasions.

It sounds like it was forged in the end of 80s. The guitars are raw and rough as they should with nice melodic solos in the tracks, the bass in a lot of the songs takes a primary role and fills up the whole sound, while the drums vary from simple/monolithic to more complex, “painting” beautifully the compositions. The vocals emit a spark of its own and reminds me a lot the tone of Cronos (Venom). I found it a little bit un-thrilling at start, but after listening to the album a couple of times it seemed to be something that i personally didn’t like at first and i got over with it.

Songs like “Fire and Brimstone” (good choice for a starter track), “Codex Inferno”, “The WItche’s Coven”, “The 9th Seal” (with a nice ritualistic intro that smells brimstone! while the vocals of Magus spit fire) will easily make you shake a little bit with such an energy that they emit.
There are some more “mid tempo” tracks as well like “The Bleeding Nun”, “We ride at night”, “Leviathan”, “Hellfire Legions”, “The Hand of the Hangman”, that “brake” the album from its fast passages and create more atmosphere. The songs keep you up with most of them counting 4 to 5 minutes. I felt a kind of repetition especialy in the mid tempo ones, but they didn’t wore me out.

Diabolical themed black/thrash metal consisting of the whole set! (horns, baphomets, satan etc) like it should be ! I hope to see more good releases from those guys coming out in the future and of course see them perform live!
The cherry on the top? The cover from Exodus’s “Strike of the beast”!!! Mooooshhh!



Thrash, Mosh, Beer!

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