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The Real McKenzies Interview


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Canadian legends of Celtic punk rock, are coming to Greece once again to blast us with their frenetic sound, this time as guests at Street Mode Festival that celebrates its 10th anniversary and you can’t miss it for anything!

Hello, I’m Lilliana and I welcome you to Metal Invader.

Thanks for having us!

Folk music is a genre that really unites people from all over the world despite their differences. Why do you think is that? What is it so special about folk music?

It’s ancient and it transcends all borders. All cultures have folk music. That’s why we love it.

Speaking of differences…how do you see this emerging far right dark cloud?

Many political groups have utilized imagery and music for their own means, we do not agree and keep music for the artists and the people, not the politicians.

How difficult is to create a setlist that is satisfying for the fans and yourselves without feeling repetitive? What song do you think is the absolute fan favorite that no matter what, you just can’t get rid from your concerts?

It’s easy to create a set list with a piece of paper and a felt pen, they’re all our favourites.  One Man Voyage is a new fan favourite.

25 years have passed since the beginning… what changed and what stayed the same?

It’s been 26 years now, the line up has changed but the attitude stays the same.

This is a question from my friend that is a great fan of yours and adores cats…Was “Bootsy the Haggis Eating Cat” based on a real cat?

Yes. Of course. Was a great cat and lived to be 17 years old. Now he’s in kitty heaven surrounded by huge haggis.

I once read in one of your interviews that you really wanted to share what your eye color is, what you look like, and what your zodiac sign is, because these are also vital info and everybody wants to know other stuff…well, here you go… you can share these information right now…

Blue Green, Libra and no I don’t play the stock market.

In this quarter of the century of your existence you’ve toured worldwide on numerous occasions. What have you learned from these tours? What experiences did you absorb and what are the pros and cons of tour life?

Stay away from powder and fast food. Be loving, creative and tolerant. Try to wash your clothes as often as possible. It’s also ok to take a lighter to your ears when they get too fuzzy.

Greeks seem to adore you and that’s why your concerts are always sold out. There is definitely some kind of special connection… and in a few weeks you are going to see you on Streetmode Festival. What do you prefer perform on a concert where you are the headliners and fans knows your every song or in festivals where different kind of people unite and have a variety of sounds and preferences?

There are many historians that believe the original celts come from Greece. I’m sure everyone will be happy and we’ll get along great.

Are you a religious person? Do you believe that we make our own fate or is there a magical hand that makes decisions and orchestrates our fates?

We believe in music, energy, frequency and colour. The earth and the stars. Jesus was a Leprechaun.

So, Canada or Scotland?

Both. Forever.

Do you follow the current hardcore/punk scene? Is there any new band that intrigued you?

No. We love all music, but we’re too busy to listen to everything.

That’s it from me! I thank you for this interview and I leave you with the epilogue and with the question…What to expect in the next 25 years from The Real McKenzies?

Great tours, great albums, great music and alien intervention…possibly electric bagpipes.

Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
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