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THE VINTAGE CARAVAN: Discusses their ‘Ultimate Metal Football Team’!


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With the World Cup coming up my Facebook wall consists mainly out of posts concerning metal and football posts. One post, however, was about both. Nuclear Blast asked the Icelandic guys from THE VINTAGE CARAVAN their take on an ‘ultimate metal football team’.

They see drummers as good goalies and opt for Neil Peart (RUSH). Bassists are the best defenders according to them and Lemmy Kilmister (MOTORHEAD), Roberto Trujillo (METALLICA), and Les Claypool (PRIMUS) made the cut. The midfield consists out of guitar heroes Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN), and Ritchie Blackmore (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW). Their attackers are Robert Plant (LED ZEPPELIN) and Phil Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN). Their reasoning is not very logically grounded most of the time and the team seems a little incomplete at the moment… Unless the guys would fill in the remaining spots themselves?

Maybe it is better that THE VINTAGE CARAVAN sticks to making music because they are clearly much better at that. Read the review of their latest album here. Who would you put in your ‘ultimate metal football team’?

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