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Therion – Leviathan


Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2021

Three years after the theatrical “Beloved Antichrist”, the Swedish masterminds of experimenting with all kinds of metal and making it sound like masterpiece called Therion, are finally back with “Leviathan”, which takes us on a journey back to their own past.

Therion with “Leviathan” took a trip in time and catched a glimpse of their epic, power metal sound with all the symphonic/orchestral elements that make their sound identity that unique. They have tried everything, but this is the perfect recipe. The album contains various musical elements, alternating from hard rock to power metal, all with a pinch of orchestral arrangements and choirs, as they are supposed to. If I have to find one specific reason to adore this album, is the track “Tuonela”, which refers to the realm of the dead or the Underworld, in Finnish mythology. Marko Hietala’s voice is the best surprise though, giving us another little fix of him before he quits the business for good making “Tuonela” sound like the perfect 2021 heavy metal song, for now at least. Then, we witness some hard rock anthems such as “The Leaf on the Oak of Far” and “Great Marquis of Hell”. The album also brings memories from “Lemuria” and “Secret of the Runes”, with tracks such as “Die Wellen der Zeit” and “El Primer Sol”. In addition to all these, listening to Mats Leven providing vocals for “Psalm of Retribution” is nothing but a bittersweet memory, considering how great he looked while fronting the band to their reknown live DVD about 20 years ago.

“Leviathan” marks a great start for the musical year that just took off!

4.5 / 6

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