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These Hands Conspire – Sword of Korhan


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Genre: Heavy/Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner
Country: Germany
Label: Van Records
Year: 2015

These Hands Conspire is a five piece band originating form Germany’s Berlin and “Sword of Korhan” is their debut full length! It’s consisted of 8 tracks (including one intro and one outro) of purely unique material.

“Sword of Korhan” kicks off slow and soft, with wonderful drums / percussion, and gradually distortions on guitars begin to join in the game. As the album develops, you realize that the band’s sound is forged by Heavy Metal forms, though 70’s Psychedelic Doom is also present, bearing some stoner element with it. Everything however has been filtered through a modern prism, thus the final result isn’t obsolete. It’s kind of retro; however the modernization of the band’s sound makes it utterly fresh. The structures are filled with mini solos that keep things interesting. The riffs are catchy and their heaviness / massiveness can be addictive. The heavy grooves of “Sword of Korhan” intensify the aforementioned addictiveness. Good thing is that there’s a variety in guitar / bass compositions and no repeating loops of themes, making the whole thing original. The record’s greatest feature though is the vocals. The perfect manipulation of Felix’s voice, had lead into a magnificent vocal result that fits like a glove this compositions and the general style of the record. Even though there are no extravaganzas, the vocal qualities of “Sword of Korhan” are an exclusive characteristic of the band and rocket the entire effort to unparallel levels. Combined with the futuristic lyrics, the blend created is exceptional. The lyrics unfold a sci – fi story about Ilior, the Nova Rider, coming from a planet called Korhan. He is a giant God – King who looks like a human and has made his purpose to travel through the cosmos with his companion to fulfill a previously unidentified mission.

“Sword of Korhan” is a massive release and need to be heard multiple times to fully embrace its uniqueness and inner essence. It’s a record that can make you lose track of time and become Ilior’s actual companion in this journey. I enjoyed every minute of it and keep listening it; it didn’t enter the twilight zone, where you listen to a record once or twice and then even fate forgets its existence. It makes it’s mark and has a nice impact.
The only negative point comes with the album’s production; I felt that the drums should have been louder and the vocals to be in balance with the guitars. Generally, the whole thing sounds a tiny bit imbalanced; it doesn’t ruin the record, though you know something’s “wrong”.


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