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This Gift Is A Curse – A Throne of Ash


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Genre: Black/Sludge/Hardcore
Country: Sweden
Label: Season of Mist

The more they progress with their releases, the more other-worldly and dark these gentlemen become. It is the third time I feel shocked from their efforts (the previous two were with the two previous releases obviously).

Pitch black darkness straight from the intro and insane dosage of hatred, chaos and violence. A very well worked mix in the layers of which you can find black metal, sludge, post black and power violence. Bring bands like The Secret and The Atlas Moth in your minds, or even Nails at times with some more black metal touch.

The record is a raw in-your-face sonic blast, a restless condensed black energy. The sound, even if it is an absolute chaos as one would expect, is very much controlled, like a very well worked recipe of what is hitting you maniacally from all corners. This sonic mania creates so many pictures in my head while I listen to it… the songs lead the unconscious with orgasmic shots of claustrophobic despair.

It is a style that I feel I can’t describe better and more complete, so I will say that it is a release that all fans of extreme sound should check. This record, even though not hard to listen to, needs that ‘special time’ to do it and if you let your mind and the gates of your senses open, you will have a very other-worldly experience.

Highly recommended!


Thrash, Mosh, Beer!

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