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This is Schooldriver’s brand new and last video


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Rockers Schooldrivers just shared their new video for the song On my Knees”, which suggests, both in verse and in the relevant post on their social media pages, is the band’s swan song. In this way, it seeks to attribute its allegory to an already heavily loaded song.

Watch it here:

“The rise and fall of young people are directly proportional to the birth and death of an entire nation,” stated the band’s singer, Kay Darens, referring to the subject of the song, and continues: “We wrote this track in 2015, Greece was living the most tragic theatrical act so far in this absurdity called crisis, the dissolution of hope. I personally feel that the word freedom is empty content for the generations of Millenials and Generation Z, generations that you could easily combine into a new title as Lost Generation. The song attempts to portray into the faces of four young people the mutation of their soul through all this destructive process that affects all of Europe’s young people – not just us. But does not stay defeated. They insists on her admittance as one of the last stages of mourning and calls for a rebellion. “

On My Knees” was directed by Thanos Limperopoulos and the productions was curated by Deejay Nic and Miltos Schimatariotis, is also the means that the band chooses to say goodbye to friends and fans after 8 years of constant presence: ‘We consider the best way to tell the truth about this song is to make it clear that it goes hand in hand with our own truth. We always wrote experientially. You need to know when to give an end in order to lead your transformation to something better. Maybe this song won’t be our “swan song” – since there’s another song that’s ready and possibly will be releasing, but it’s definitely our last video clip. We thank all those who supported us all these years. If we mean something to you or if the song manages to get through you this need for change write a comment under the video. “

The masterfull and artistic make up was created by Elisabeth Petrou.

Below you’ll find the full credits for the song and the video:

Music: Kay Darens, AJ Anasto, Marpi, Nikos Bonelis
Lyrics: Kay Darens
Directing & editing: Thanos Limperopoulos
Make-up: Elisabeth Petrou
Production Assistant: Giorgos Karalias
Many thanks to Akis Christou that granted us his studio.
Production: Deejay Nico at Northside Studios
Programming / DSP / Μίξη / Mastering: Miltos Schimatariotis
Recording: Nikos Mermigkas & Nikos Paulou
Drums, guitar, bass & synth recorded at Final Sound Studio, Athens. Vocals in  Manchester.
Drums: Charis Gripeos
Editing: Andreas Stergios
Photography: Lensman Nick
Artwork: Kay Darens 

Stay tuned on the band’s official page and social media for all the upcoming news of the band and its members.


Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
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