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Thyrathen’s debut ThanatOpsis” now available in a Double LP via Ván Records


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THYRATHEN is a band from Greece that plays a musical style they describe as being diachronic black metal and it features: drummer Corax S. (JACKAL’S TRUTH) and guitarist AZ (KAWIR). Stefan Necroabyssious (VARATHRON, KATAVASIA) and Alexandros (MACABRE OMEN) also join forces to narrate this story together. Mixed and mastered by Achilleas Kalantzis of Suncord Audiolab and co-produced with THYRATHEN’s mastermind, Corax S. Now you can buy the official release of their debut album “ThanatOpsis”  (which he must review sometime herein Metal Invader!) in a Double LP format, in black and dark-blue colours (lim. ed. 500 copies – 2×12” LP). Please see the description of the link below, regarding the top quality characteristics of this release, guaranteed by Ván Records.

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