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Titan – Titan


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Genre: Heavy/Speed
Country: France
Label: No Remorse
Year: 2015 (1986)

The French scene has provided us with good bands, such as Killers, Trust, Nightmare, Blaspheme, Mistreated, ADX, Sortilege, Demoneyes, High Power, Dum Dum Bullet etc and I am glad I was given the chance to write my opinion about Titan. Titan were formed in1986 (by former Killers members) and have released two records, one of them being a live recording. In the beginning we have the record’s intro and “G-I’s Heritage” follows, whipping us relentlessly with a speed/thrash storm, which reminds me of ADX and its exceptional solo finishes us. “L’ Irlande Au Coeur” and “Ultimatum” follow, keeping up with the speed paths. “Black Power” comes next and divides us in half. It’s a boring commercially – friendly track up until the two and a half minutes. Then an epic, melodic guitar solo pops us, as if it came from another song and then you’ll be harshly landed on earth once again. The worst track of the record. “Enfant De La Guerre” is a decent ballad, but nothing more than that. When everything seems to come to an end, “Damien” is here to prove that we should always hope for something. Warlike slow riffs that lead us into an epic guitar solo. The record’s last track, “Popeye Le Road”, even if it’s commercially oriented, manages to leave us with a sweet taste in the end. From that point on, there are some decent live recorded tracks. If you like Accept in a heavier edition and have no troubles with the French language, then you should definitely buy it.



  1. Intro
  2. G.I’s Heritage
  3. L’Irlande Au Coeur
  4. Ultimatum
  5. Black Power
  6. La Loi Du Metal
  7. Enfant De La Guerre
  8. Damien
  9. Popeye Le Road

Bonus Tracks:

  1. G.I’s Heritage (live)
  2. La Loi Du Metal (live)
  3. L’Irlande Au Coeur (live)
  4. Ultimatum (live)
  5. Popeye Le Road (live)

Tracks 1 – 9: from the album “Titan”, originally released by Sydney Productions in 1986

Tracks 10 – 14: from the album “Popeye Le Road”, originally released by Sydney Productions in 1988

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