Tornado – Black President


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Genre: Thrash
Country: Finland
Label: WormHoleDeath Records
Year: 2015

Tornado’s debut album ‘Amsterdamn, Hellsinki’ was pretty promising and got pretty nice reviews and comments from the thrash underground, back in 2011. This year, the finnish group is back with its sophomore album entitled ‘Black President’. The last four years, the group moved from Listenable Records to WormHoleDeath Records and the lineup had some massive changes. By the time you are reading this, next to the only founding member Superstar Joey Severance are: Tommy Shred (lead), Tim Damion (lead), henry Steel (bass) and Niko McNasty (drums) (although the drums in the album were recorded by Jani Niemela, who quit the group due to some health issues).

Although the changes were big, their sound and music didn’t get affected at all. ‘Black President’ is a solid, honest and well-crafted release, that seems to move away from the European thrash and fit more in the Bay Area’s thrash style, with influences from Megadeth, Death Angel, Intruder, etc. Without losing aggression, guitarwork and riffing is pretty melodic with interesting sleazing solos. This is an easy, quick (10 song in 37 minutes) and fun listening, with up tempos and a lot of catchy parts. The member’s musicianship is of high level, but without showing off! Summing up, in addition with the above, Joey’s distinctive voice, social-themed lyrics and the solid production, can easily make this release shine and differ from other average thrash releases.

Without major flaws, at least for a thrash metal fan, the album will satisfy the listener. Perhaps a bigger variety in the songs could bring a bigger rating. Favorite songs: ‘T-Minus 10’, ‘Ghetto Wasteland’, ‘911 First Responder (FDNY)’.


Nikos Nakos
“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”
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