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Total speed metal rager OBNOXIOUS YOUTH return with a new album! First single „Burning Savage“ out now!


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The Swedish-Finnish speed and thrash metal quintet OBNOXIOUS YOUTH is back with a bang after four-yearbreak. New album „Burning Savage“ will be out on18thOctober 2024 via SVART MUSIC, and the band releases a single and a video for the album’s title track today. -“A total speed metal rager manifesting the driving force behind the onslaught, that is Obnoxious Youth.

A sexual flame and a satanic force of nature. An urge to discover and embrace the primitive flame that grows inside. Succumb to the Burning fucking Savage ”Affe Phantasma” Piran, the vocalist of Obnoxious Youth, manifests.

Feel the fire and watch the brand-new Obnoxious Youth video Burning Savage here:

The sperm of Satan’s cock AKA the Obnoxious Youth was born in 2005 in Uppsala/Sweden. But the fully fledged and perverted behemoth that stands before you today was an international collaboration brought to life in 2009 by John ”Zeke” Finne, Affe ”Phantasma” Piran and Frans ”Cult” Utterström. But today Edde ”Shit” Aftonfalk and Lukas ”Spine” Hägerare added to the live lineup of the band.

The purpose of the band was to break boundaries and to return to the time when extreme music didn’t have any rules or regulations. When there was no ”death metal” or ”thrash metal”, when there was just ”metal” or ”punk”. Just channeling the most insane music that was humanly possible. Using methods that was founded in the 80’s, Obnoxious Youthfully enclose itself and gets swallowed by the power of extreme music and getting influences from a feeling rather than other bands. Taking the listeners back to a time when heavy music was something to fear.

In 2012 the band received a Manifest Award for the debut album „The Eternal Void“ and has since then released two EP’s (Suck on The Cross, 2013 and Mouths Sewn Shut, 2020) and one more full length album „Disturbing the Gravesin“ 2017. They have established themselves as a fierce live band that leaves no one unaffected. Members of Obnoxious Youth has played in or currently plays in bands such as Vorum, Undergång, Endtime, Reveal!, Morbus Chron, Century, Tøronto, Degial, Begravningsentreprenörerna, Entombed and No Future.

In November 2024, Obnoxious Youthwill be touring Europe in support of their new album „Burning Savage“, starting off with a release gig together with Norwegian maniacs Nekromantheon at Hus 7 in Stockholm the 9th of November. More live shows to come during 2025: this is the just the beginning.Svart Records release Obnoxious Youth’s new album „Burning Savage“ 18th of October 2024 on black, transparent redand limited yellow/red/black marble vinyl versions –and of course on glorious CD. Pre-orders are now available on Svart Records’ webstore.

Obnoxious Youth: Burning Savage (digital single)

Obnoxious Youth: Burning Savage LP/CD (pre-order) https://www.svartrecords.com/en/product/obnoxious-youth-burning-savage/12599

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
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