Tribulation Streams 18 Minute Track “The Dhampir”


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Listen below to Tribulation epic song “The Dhampir” which is the final sequel to “Where the Gloom Becomes Sound”. “The Dhampir” is an 18-minute opus divided into 3 acts.

Tribulation comments: “Until now we’ve kept our longest song safely tucked away on a picture disc, for only the most interested pairs of ears, but the time has now come for it to be heard by anyone who wishes to partake on the journey. We hope you enjoy The Dhampir!”

The song’s first part was available on the deluxe version of the Where The Gloom Becomes Sound CD, while the entire song was only available through the deluxe vinyl version of the album (with “Månvisan” as the B-side). Now “The Dhampir” available in full digitally, and you can stream it below.

Tribulation is currently at Studio Ryssviken recording a brand new EP. The new EP will be the band’s follow-up to Where The Gloom Becomes Sound, and will be their first-ever effort without guitarist Jonathan HulténHultén has since been replaced by Joseph Tholl, who has not performed on any Tribulation material in the studio. The EP is being recorded with Linus Björklund, who recorded Tribulation‘s 2018 album Down Below.

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