Tribulation – Where The Gloom Becomes Sound


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Genre: Gothic/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2021

Sweden’s finest act for the last decade, has fairly been Tribulation and the daze created next to their name is more than enough for everyone to keep an eye, in a faithful manner, to every new venture they are getting themselves into.

“Where the Gloom Becomes Sound” comes three years after the charismatic “Down Below” and the expectations have been way too high. Having been proclaimed as one of the most significant acts on the extreme genre, Tribulation couldn’t help but deliver another masterpiece, veiled of elegance and structure. This new studio effort has core influences from bands such as Fields of the Nephilim, as well as In Solitude, however it has been less extreme than all previous times. When doom metal meets barroque gothic, things get serious. While trying to extent their music into different musical dimension, the Swedes have been also trying to include everything into one, making the album sound nothing but repetitive, in general terms. “Dirge of A Dying Sun”, “Funeral Pyre”, “Leviathans” and the piano instrumental “Lethe” couldn’t be excluded from the highlights.

All this elegance, beauty, serenity and gloom, is remarkably signed and sealed by an amazing artwork as well. “Where the Gloom becomes Sound” marks Jonathan Hulten’s farewell from Tribulation, making it the perfect way to say goodbye. We wish him nothing but the best for the future!


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