Trigger – Start Our Revenge


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Genre: Grind/Noise/Powerviolence
Country: Germany.
Label: EveryDayHate Records
Year: 2014

Sick-violent-fast …
Trigger is a trio from Germany, definitely not an ordinary band that is made for a very specific audience and who recently released their first album, although they exist as a band since 2006 …

The guitar doesn’t exist at all to the band, drum n’ bass violence situation, that’s it!! The bass is full of distortion, the vocals are in the peak of deformation and drums are in non-stop blast-beats except of some sludgy parts. They are an original noise / grind band with some powerviolence elements that will make the fans of the genre to fall in love with this album.

Personally speaking powerviolence makes me fed up and I’m not talking about the gods Infest (USA) and all the oldschool super fast hardcore stuff but for the powerviolence of the last 15 years- aka the new age, as well as noise makes me fed up too and it’s really tiresome. But here with the way that Trigger connect all these musical styles plus with the production being very good for this messy music, it kept my interest and I liked the sick feeling they vomit out of their guts! I would like to see them live, at some point as i’m sure they basically belong on stage and not in the studio.
The album was released from EveryDayHate records, well known for the support to this type of chaotic bands.


Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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