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Triptykon – Melana Chasmata


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Genre: Doom/Black/Death/Avant-Garde
Country: Switzerland
Label: Century Media
Year: 2014

Alas, the old lonewolf is back. Four years after the crushing “EparisteraDaimones”, another record with a Greek name and a suffocating cover by the great late H.R. Giger. Tom ‘Warrior’ Fischer, the mastermind of the band, has reinvented the wheel at least three times until now. One with Hellhammer, one with the first releases of Celtic Frost and lastly with “Monotheist”.

It would be unfair to expect from him nothing less than a groundbreaking result at this point of his career and “MelanaChasmata” is certainly not that, since it follows the footsteps of its predecessor, as the first record of Triptykon did with the last of Celtic Frost. Same sound, same patterns, same concept. As I listened through the record, I got tempted to correspond each song with one from the previous record and Warrior’s usage of the same lyrics as well (f.e. the words ‘master’ and ‘redeemer’ are mentioned in the first three lines of the opening songs of both Triptykon’s records) doesn’t do much to avoid comparison. It’s not that the record is without inspiration or that it is a mere repetition of already digested ideas. Triptykon’s sound is distinctive, heavy, asphyxiating, dark. Sincehe achieved the black doom abyss of “Monotheist”, Warrior maintained this sound and the same song-writing style varying between hellish outbrakes and slow tempos, always blasting dry riffs that incorporate the essence of extreme music. Special mention should be made for “Aurorae” though, a mesmerizing track with female vocals that elevates in the middle and reaches epic proportions.

When everybody thought that his well of inspiration was drained, Warrior came back from dead with “Monotheist”, a metal landmark of the previous decade. It seems that the always innovative Warrior chose to take the safe way of sticking to the sound of his last Celtic Frost reincarnation, if we can use the word ‘safe’ for this artist. Standing on its own, “Melana Chasmata” laughs on most of the records put out by people half his age trying to sound grim, morbid and evil, something that the creator of this record achieves all naturally. Placed somewhere in the great chapter of the heavy metal encyclopedia with the title Tom Gabriel ‘Warrior’ Fischer, it would not stand the comparison with “Monotheist”, “Eparistera Daimones” or the old masterpieces.

P.S. Just after the release of the album, H.R. Giger, the Swiss artist who supported Warrior and all his musical incarnations since the very beginning, the man who created the imagery of the Alien dystopia and gave his art for numerous metal albums’ covers, died. The metal community will be eternally grateful.


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