Tysondog – Cry Havoc


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: UK
Label: Rocksector Records
Year: 2015

Ι have a lot of respect for Tysondog and their two kick ass NWOBHM albums they delivered once upon a time, Beware of the Dog and Crimes of Insanity (Taste the Hate made me wonder many times, on how I managed not to crush my car on the country road from Ioannina to Konitsa, dear cousin). I wasn’t expecting from them to repeat their glorious past after almost thirty years, but I was hoping to find at least a couple of good songs to escort my beer drinking every now and then. Instead of that, I’m listening to modern (and with the word’s most negative meaning when british heavy metal is considered), unnerved, uninspired, with its few ideas scattered here and there and I doubt it if anyone will find enough reasons to dig Tysondog because of Cry Havoc. The only exception on that could be the eponymous track, but their performance as a whole is ever worse than my favorite football team in the playoffs. So, my dear brother-in-law, you may understand what I’m talking about. Time to go to my favorite house corner (the shelves with my LPs of course), pick their debut album, put it on the turntable and voila! Everything goes into place. I’m still sorry for PAOK, I’m not able to make George Koudas young again. The lads (and by that I mean our football players) simply won’t do.


Рандолф Картер
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