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Tytan – Rough Justice


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Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M./Heavy Metal
Country: England
Label: Blood & Iron Records

How am I supposed to write something original for this “magnum opus”? I simply can’t. I personally believe it’s one of the 10 greatest NWOBHM records ever released, without exaggerating. The band is the finest example of underrated bands, which recorded such a magnificent piece but never saw it released as long as the band was still active. Unfortunately, they never had a chance. So, what’s the reason why? Was it the circumstances? Wrong timing? I cannot do anything else that vaguely speculate. Tytan is a creation of Kevin Riddles, bassist of Angelwitch. Many great musicians were featured in the band’s lineup, like Les Binks (drummer of Judas Priest), Dave Dufort (from E.F. Band), Gary Owens (from A II Z) and many others and all of them were experienced and efficient. And we shouldn’t forget the fact that we owe Tytan the debut of an amazing singer, Kal Swan, one of the best voices of metal / hard rock, who unfortunately didn’t receive the recognition we was worth, even though he attracted the lights with some of his later bands (Lion, Bad Moon Rising).

This record is a gem. Melodic metal with epic and hard rock elements, filled with amazing tracks like “Blind men and fools”, “Cold Bitch”, “Far cry”, “Far side of destiny”. It’s a record that features one of the Greatest tracks of British Metal OF ALL TIMES, “The Watcher”. Easily considered one of the Top 10 NWOBHM tracks. I’m sure that most of you have heard some of their songs, so I don’t need to try to persuade you for its value. For those who are fresh to the whole field and have just started taking your first deep dive into the waters of NWOBHM, listen to “Rough Justice”, love it and curse the music industry for letting such a brilliant band go unnoticed and promoting bands full of crap. The record’s re-release in CD format from Majestic Rock is considered necessary; if you manage to find the release with the bonus DVD, purchase it blindfolded.

Do not dare to miss their performance in Athens. In the future you’re gonna brag about it to your friends, saying “Give me a break with all this Atmospheric Death / Doom from Southwest Greenland, with female vocals and harps, pianos and zither you listen to. I’ve seen Tytan live. Get bent!”


Elias Chatzialexis
Elias Chatzialexis
Θέλω να αφιερώσω αυτό το βραβείο στον μπαμπά μου, στη μαμά μου, στη γυναίκα μου και στα παιδιά μου, στον David Coverdale και στους Piledriver. Επίσης εύχομαι Παγκόσμια Ειρήνη, Υγεία και του χρόνου φουντούνια.

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