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Uburen – Withered Roots


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Genre: Viking Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

Uburen is a Norwegian trio playing Viking Black Metal. Just like saying a Jamaican Reggae band or an American Country singer etc. Some music styles are just enormously interwoven with their country of origin, without being unusual to find great bands coming from other places. Back to the point, the lack of notable releases belonging to the music style in question urged me to have high hopes and expectations from this album. Thus in vain… Uburen play typical and sadly uninspired black metal with some hints of traditional Viking metal interventions, which downsize to some “clean” vocals (pretty interesting though) and near zero acoustic/atmospheric parts. The songs “Sea of Deceit”, “Blood Eagle” and “Kampen” stand out, but that’s it… Pretty impressive though is the fact that, even though they are not signed in any record label, they managed to release such a well made video clip. Since the band is still pretty young, it would be wise to assume that they have quite a potentiality of improvement both in song writing and performing. Time shall tell, once more….


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