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Universe217: New album ‘Change’ live album presentation, 18.03.2016 @Kyttaro, Athens


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One of the best Greek bands (in my opinion at least) of the last decade, the brilliant and special Universe217, have just released their newest record “Change” via the notorious German label Van Records, which hosts various famous bands, such as The Devil’s Blood (RIP), Year Of The Goat, Necros Christos, Atlantean Kodex and others. On this occasion, the band decided to celebrate its success with its friends, who proved to be overwhelmingly many as the venue was gradually packed, especially at 22:30 when the band came up on stage.

Before Universe217 sieged the stage, a young girl handled the decks, trying to warm up the crowd with music selections from the wider extreme music field, though it proved to be just the background music of the “main course” everybody waited for.


Universe217 came rushing in, applauded by the crowd and took us all by surprise. The sound was quite good throughout the gig, but not flawless (could be the point where I was standing, at least) but this had little significance because this band has a rare advantage in its live performances; it succeeds in “charming” you and dragging you in its world without even realizing it in terms of stage presence; simple setting but perfect, flawless playing, lots of energy coming from all the members and above all music that you cannot easily put a label on. What the band offers IS and ISN’T metal, simultaneously! It is undoubtedly heavy, it’s doomy, it’s atmospheric, flirting with psychedelia, but mostly “playing” with your soul in such a way that at the end of each live performance of Universe217 you like you’ve just purified your soul and that’s something only a handful of bands can actually achieve.

Of course, the gig’s leading role was once again Tania’s, a girl with an AMAZING voice and chilling interpretation, a singer who could sing literally anything, but prefers to provide her talent to this great band, offering us a wonderful experience. Because that’s what each gig of Universe217 is about: A cathartic and moving experience and therefore the band easily falls into that category with the bands that offer live performances that are way better than the studio recordings.


The gig flew in an instant. In the end of each track the band was glorified by the crowd, making Tania break the silent rule that the band applies in between its songs, to thank everybody from the bottom of her heart for our presence and support. I got nothing more to say… It’s a brilliant band, with flawless live performances and great followers. Do yourself a favor and grab “Change”, as it’s an outstanding release and above all attend the band’s next live gig, as you’ll feel and gain so many things…


PS: Congrats to the band for its low ticket and merchandise prices.

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