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V For Invader: Akhlys – Melinoë


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Naas Alcameth is a super active musician, dealing with bands that really make sense in the extreme metal scene, such as Nightbringer, Aoratos, Excommunion, etc. With his solo project Akhlys, he released somedays ago the third album ‘Melinoë’, via Debemur Morti Productions, 5 years after the second album ‘The Dreaming I’, that actually gave Akhlys much recognition among fans.

A crushing, despairing, twisted and unforgettable release that will bring your deepest nightmares and hallucinations right to you with a remorseless and feral display of discordant black metal magnificence. All lyrics were inspired by certain dreams and parasomnia experiences Naas Alcameth has undergone over the years. Raw production, blast beats, tremolo picking, shrieking vocals, it’s all here. The terrifying atmosphere surrounding the spiritual, mystical, and emotional narrative is overwhelming.

Listen to ‘Melinoë’ here:

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