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Vanexa – Vanexa


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Χώρα: Italy
Label: Durium
Year: 1982

Vanexa is one of those (many) cases where you feel that you need to write something about, even if you still don’t have the LP. Well, after I have praised the internet and some fb acquaintances (cheers Stergios) for sharing their infinite knowledge of and passion for music, making me lose my sleep over some excellent tunes, maybe I’ll think it’s about time to introduce a lost jewel of our music to the world (I can hear the crowds roar, calm down my numerous friends, it’s just me). The year is 1982, and after five demos, named “ first” , “ second”, “third”, “fourth” and “ fifth demo” respectively (yes indeed), Vanexa release their self titled debut, and in 31 minutes and seven tracks they deliver the goods in the form of top notch heavy metal; this means, full of rush, intensity, mistakes and inspiration, with heavy riffs, catchy (not in a lame way though, do you read me, Ghost?) choruses, great melodies and with a production that, even though not a professional and a clean one (who cares? I don’t – well, not that much), surely adds to the atmosphere. There’s also a discreet epic touch, after all, every heavy metal record that respects itself balances between straight and lyrical/ epic motifs. Just listen to “Metal City Rockers”, “Lost War Sons”, “I Wanna See Fires” and “1000 nights” to realize that these guys (Roberto Tiranti aka Rob Tyrant – that gave me the chills – also in Labyrinth) know how it’s done. But (and I always keep the best part for the end) it’s the next three extraordinary songs that always make me shiver when I listen to them; “ If You Fear the Pain”, with its great riffs and leads, the haunting instrumental (well, there was a time in heavy metal when instrumentals were not boring) “Across the Ruins” and the mighty “ Rainbow in the Night” that closes the album stand out as the dusty jewels on a forgotten crown of Italian heavy metal. Just close your eyes and listen to “Across the Ruins” with the violin and the keyboards environing the haunting guitar themes that can bring tears to your eyes (well, I have a sensitive part too, don’t be surprised), and let yourself travel in another time and another place. And when this one is done, there comes “Rainbow in the Night” with its dramatic and ominous riffs, the great vocals and its fist-held-high chorus, maybe the best song on the album, a pure heavy metal anthem. Give this album a try, it’s definitely worth it. Over and out.

Рандолф Картер
Рандолф Картер
Καλησπέρα σας και συγχαρητήρια για την εκπομπή σας. Είναι τιμή για μένα να βρίσκομαι στο πλατό σας. Ήμουν πάντα εκεί. Απλώς δεν το ήξερα.

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