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Varathron – The Confessional…


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Varathron – The Confessional of the Black Penitents EP

Genre: Black/ Atmospheric
Company: Agonia Records
Country: Greece
Year: 2015

Formed in 1988 and with their first demo released in 1989, Varathron need no introduction. But just in case you lived under a rock or recently got interested in the black metal genre, they are a quite old and well-known band of the specific genre with lots of quality releases.

In October 2015 they released “The Confessional of the Black Penitents”, an EP consisting of 3 new songs and 4 live versions of older tracks.Varathron are still faithful to the genre and musical style that is so characteristic of them, and if their new songs are a sign of what we should expect from their next album in 2016, then we are looking forward to a classic, well deserved release.

Their EP starts with “TheConfessionaloftheBlackPenitents”, a dark, full of atmosphere track. Their guitars and drums blend with the band’s vocals and prepare us mentally for what is going to follow with the album’s second and third composition.

The second track of this release, “Sinister Recollections”, has a tougher sound while keeping the dark atmosphere intact. Besides Varathron are accustomed to the dark paths of music. There are moments that the track changes in tempo and style, keeping it interesting for the 7 minutes that it lasts. It is a classic black metal song, and probably my favorite from this release.

The third, and last one of the new Varathron’s songs, is “Utter Blackness”. Like the previous one, with fast guitars and drums, it follows the familiar black metal patterns Varathron are used to. This doesn’t mean that there is no atmosphere or slower parts in the song, but at its core it is a typical representative of the genre.

As for the live versions of the other songs, they were recorded in Larissa, during their concert in May, 2015 and mastering was done by their guitarist AchilleasKalantzis (Achilleas C.).

If asked whether this release is worth it or not the answer is definitely yes. Once again Varathron show that they remain faithful to the old sound of the genre, keeping both their brutal nature and the dark atmosphere that characterize them all these years.


Angel Spiliopoulos
Angel Spiliopoulos
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