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Vargsang – In the Mist of Night


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Year: 2014

Here we have the fourth full album by the same-named project of Vargsang (or Orkrist), the former mastermind of German blackmetallers Graven. And if the previous three albums released every 2 or 3 years, for the «In the Mist of Night» had to pass six whole years.

The «In the Mist of Night» includes ten songs of classic, old-school black metal, in the style of Darkthrone, with the distinctive «grimness» on the guitar sound, vocals sung from… the depths of a cave and atmospheric parts using keys. Fast and melodic riffs are «mixed» well with slower ones, while the tracks are relatively of short duration, which makes the album not to be boring. The production is at the same time as «clean» and as «grim» is needed, so as not to lose its «vintage» black metal feeling, while the artwork is so simple that you think it’s from a release of late 80’s (without implying that it is a bad thing).

The best tracks for me are the melodic «The Cosmic Gate» and the slow-tempo «Of Sickness and Lust», although the entire «In the Mist of Night» is a good album, but it is mostly suggested for old-school listeners.


Kostas Koutsiaridas
Kostas Koutsiaridas
"Since now I name you under our cult..."

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