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Veil of Secrets – Dead Poetry


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Genre: Doom/Gothic
Country: Norway
Label: Crime Records
Year: 2021

Veil of Secrets is the recently born child created by Vibeke Stene, Tristania’s pale enchantress and Asgeir Mickelson, who has been seen behind the drumkit for various important black metal acts, including Ihsahn and Borknagar. This newly introduced doom metal act emerged as a result of Asgeir’s project called “God of Atheists” formed in 2012. “Dead Poetry”’s first sessions were completed by then, but the album came out in November 2020 through Crime Records.

Considering that it is the very first album that includes Vibeke Stene after Tristania’s “Illumination” (2007), “Dead Poetry” is pretty much everything a doom metal enthusiast wants. The laments, heavy riffs, slow but massive guitars, the growls, the sorrowful violin, definitely upbrings Veil of Secrets to a brand new level. The album consists of eight lengthy songs and each piece in spite of being unique, sounds like a continuing melody to my ears. Some highlights for praising Vibeke’s vocals are probably “Remorseful Heart” and “Meson”. Someone who has not probably mastered doom metal and its gothic subgenre might feel like he’s stuck in time, however Vibeke’s return is the solemn reason for someone to give a listen to such an amazing album. Veil of Secrets have made a great job and “Dead Poetry” is an album that the genre needs to break its’ spell of being a little bit too harsh towards its fans, even though 2020 offered some great albums to put in your collection. “Dead Poetry” definitely belongs in there.

Veil of Secrets is a breath of fresh air, marking Vibeke Stene’s return to discography after a significant period of time. “Dead Poetry” is a gem that everyone needs to hear, no matter what your personal preferences are like.


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