Versus feat. Angelo Perlepes – Confession


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Genre: Classic/Heavy/Neoclassical Rock
Country: Greece
Label: Sleaszy Rider
Year: 2021

Musicians like Angelo Perlepes, always inspire you by keeping the flame alive and being musically productive for over 30 years. There is no such feeling as the one you get by listening to his work. With a scroll enlisting four full length and countless live performances (abroad too) with “Premier League” bands along with Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery, his current album “Confession” comes with a bit of nostalgia by a former band of his, Versus. Back to his origins of inspiration and restless synthetic experiment, always close to his roots, somewhere back in time in the late ’70s, Angelo with friends and companions, formed Versus. However, their work, although recorded in 1984 by Nikos Papakostas (Entasis studios) – who is behind the mastering of the album, was left unreleased. Times change and people always return to what light their fire back then. Finally, Versus’ material is being released in 2021. “Confession” of emotions, and switching melodic lines from full of speed and roughness “Confession”, “Feeling Down”, “Don’t Dare”, to groovier and more mid-tempo ones, “Wandering”, “Stay”, and “Where the Rainbow Ends”. Typical of his, the neoclassical hint is evident in Erbarme Dich, Mein Gott. Live performance of the eponymous Mystery anthem is always included. Top moment of the album for me, also Mystery’s, “Burning Eyes” cover. Concluding, Confession allows you to travel through time and recall all the memories, pulse and passion for the music we love, back to our classic rock essentials. Mixing was undertaken by Angelo in collaboration with the excellent Stamatis Mandikas (keyboards), while in vocals, bass, and drums we step into Angelos Rigopoulos, Jimmy Serra, and Christos Kallimoukos respectively. Some live performances also took place prior to the album release, along with Takis Avramopoulos (Mystery) on the bass, and Giannis Kalyvas (Flying Mercury) on vocals. Album’s artwork was Giannis Pavlidis’ creation.

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