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Vile Apparition / Miscreance Split


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Genre: Death Metal-Technical Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Australia – Italy
Label:Desert Wastelands Productions
Year: 2021

Desert Wastelands is a hard working new underground label that although far from the main scenes of the American production Florida, New York etc has managed with quiet work to build something remarkable gaining ground and trust of the fans of classic death metal. Here we have a split in which two bands one from Australia and one from Italy unfold talent and character.

On the one hand Vile Apparition having started in 2017 and a full length they play with intensity and bursts of varied mid paced mainly American death metal which we have forgotten is the truth lately with all this fashion of Swedish Finnish copying. The two tracks have clear influences from Deprecated, Pyrexia, Disgorge and Vomit Remnants. The infernal low growls cover the persistent dystrophic riffs and the groovy drums with a death shroud.

On the other hand Miscreance from whom I have the very good demo of 2018 will again excite with the technical Thrash/Death that stimulates brain neurons. From the power of Demolition Hammer and the harshness of SADUS, the experimentation of Pestilence and the classic forms of Death and Morgoth the Italians stand firmly on their feet and offer a sample of high quality Death Metal. The re-releases of old albums are good but let’s give space to new bands as well. Available as Tape, CD and Vinyl:


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