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Vitamin X: Listen to their new album


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Dutch hardcore/punk group Vitamin X has just released the new album ‘Age Of Paranoia’ via Southern Lord. Recorded by Igor Wouters at ARC Studios in Amsterdam, and including special guest guitar solos by J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr., Witch), and Bubba Dupree (Void, Soundgarden, Dave Grohl’s Probot, Brant Bjork) ‘Age Of Paranoia’ offers sixteen tracks. The cover artwork was created by Marald (Baroness, Kylesa, High On Fire).

1. Modern Man
2. Rollercoaster Ride
3. Age of Paranoia
4. Human Plague
5. No One
6. Flip The Switch
7. Short Circuit
8. Speak No Evil
9. Deranged Degenerate
10. Reverse Midas Touch
11. Media Messiah
12. Road Warrior
13. Bounce Back
14. Leave Me Alone
15. Rock N Roll Destroyer
16. Shock Value

You can listen to the album in its entirety below:

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