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Voices From The Underground: “ΘΡΑΞ ΠΑΝΚC” by Thrax Punks


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Thrax Punks is a music group from the region of Thrace, which is experimenting and integrating various music elements to its sound. Traditional songs bear so much authenticity in their melodies and lyrics, which effortlessly remain indelible over time. Each generation adapts its own perspective to these and passes them on to the next. So do Thrax Punks, with their main instruments gaida (bagpipe), davul (drum) and an electric guitar. Through their sounds one can travel to older times, stories and emotions, so timeless that, past, present and future seem to be one. This is exactly what the homonymous album reflects in terms of the band’s course. Their album “Thrax Punks” was released in November 2019, but it recapitulates the band’s long run, both with elements of the past as well as with elements that make it evolve and continue.

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