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Voices from the Underground – Under the spell of NIGHTWIND


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NIGHTWIND is an original Hard Rock band based in the Washington DC, USA. They perform melodic guitar driven original Hard Rock with soaring vocals and a stage show usually seen in your local arena. Led by the amazing presence, dramatic flair, and vision of Lead singer / lyricist Gina “Alicya” Fair, NIGHTWIND delivers an experience not to be missed. They are determined to bring the audience a completely original rock and roll performance, brought forth by top notch musicians with great ability and flair on stage.

By: Chris Papadakis

Caught by the Nightwind

One of my main missions in this small unicerse is to bring to your ears some amazing music, that matters a lot. The searching never ends, you know how it goes. That is what Forgotten Scroll Zine / WebZine is about, that is what my radio shows are about and the story goes on and on.

It seems that there is a lot of stuff out there just waiting to be discovered and NIGHTWIND from Washington DC, USA is one of those bands that really took me by storm, so there was simply no other choice than to share the treasure with you all.

NIGHTIWIND deliver and outstanding combination of Classic and Hard Rock with many classic Heavy Metal elements on the mix and a magnificent melodic touch that reflect this late 70s, early 80s, Pomp Rock stuff that I very much adore.

Two are the main features of this band: Their amazing songwriting, and the magnificent vocals of their founder Gina “Alicya” Fair.

Gina is actually building a dark shaded background through her vocal melodies and her lyrics, providing the band with a special shadowed and exotic touch that actually takes the band’s original material to the very next level. I should definitely add to the frame the amazing riffing and the melodic shining lead guitar parts and point you to a first class band.

The band have recorded various demo material and performed numerous live shows on their area. Now they are on the studio recording their debut EP.

You can listen two of their latest recordings (“Black Widow” and “Hear No Evil”, plus an older demo song (“Rainbow” which is one of my favorite tunes by them), on my show -no other audio uploads of those recordings yet, so check them on the show-.

Their two latest tracks have been mastered by the one and only Dave Collins, in Los Angeles, California. You may be familiar with the work of Mr. Collins as he have worked with huge names like SOUNDGARDEN and many others.

As I was digging deeper into the NIGHTWIND their was a particular band that came into my mind first. I am referring to the mighty SORCERY from Hollywood, California, USA that have participated on the “Rocktober Blood” film, among others. My connection to NIGHTWIND is focused mainly to the two tracks that Susie Rose Major sang with them on the above mentioned soundtrack: “Rainbow Eyes” and “Kcab m’I”. SORCERY were active from 1975 to 1987 (they have reunited in 2021). Their “Stuntrock” debut that was released on EMI back in 78, is an absolutely worth checking piece of great darkly shaded hard rock.

Oh yeah darkly shaded hard rock. In the same vein of NIGHTWIND and let me say that NIGHTWIND are doing it even better.

Speaking about connections with other bands that a musical nerd could discover, I would definitely put NIGHTWIND into the very same frame with bands like SONJA, UNTO OTHERS (ex IDLE HANDS) and LUNAR SHADOW (latest album). All notable bands of today with quite a vibe on the Heavy Metal underground and a special common feature: They are all carry a special dark reflection on the music. On NIGHTWIND’s music however you should not search for the Darkwave / Gothic / Post Punk influences of those above bands. NIGHTWIND are delivering their exotic darkness remaining focused  on their Hard Rock universe, able to offer you the catchiest song you can imagine. So if you have spent quite a few hours of your life spinning the latest SONJA record (for example), I am sure that NIGHTWIND would fit to you as well. Still very dark, still very catchy but heavier.

The Nightwind Saga

NIGHTWIND was formed in the Washington DC years ago by Vocalist/Lyricist, Gina “Alicya” Fair and her former music partner, Guitarist / Multi-Instrumentalist / Songwriter, Jerry Moore.

They crafted original, melodic Hard Rock music at a time when many other acts in the area, were strictly cover bands.

Having the desire to set themselves apart, with a strong, fierce female presence (not as popular at the time), equipped with powerful lead vocals and an abundance of blistering, soaring guitars, the duo wrote, created, and composed guitar-rock tunes with catchy hooks and clever, introspective lyrics.

They brought their music to life on the premiere Rock station, DC-101, and at various venues in the DC area and beyond, opening for legendary performers including Rick Wakeman (YES), Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW / DEEP PURPLE), MOLLY HATCHET, upcoming artist, ZEKE SKYY, and musically supporting TV Horror Host extraordinaire, Karlos Borloff.

Nightwind is proud to have received Billboard recognition and achievement in Songwriting for their songs “Rainbow” and “Hit & Run” (the latter of which Ann Wilson of HEART was a judge!).

Current status

After an extended hiatus, NIGHTWIND has been in full swing taking it’s place in the music world again. With lead vocalist  Gina “Alicya” Fairstill at the helm, NIGHTWIND’s current Live lineup is: Steven C. Miller on drums, Chris Wellborn on bass, and Jaime “Sugi” Sugiyama on guitar.


One thing is for sure. A lot of great things will happen with this band into the future. We should all keep an eye and ear on them. Under the spell of NIGHTWIND.

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