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Votum – Ktonik


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Genre: Progressive Rock / Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Year: 2016

Last year and completely by chance, while looking at the related videos on YouTube, this Polish band fell into my hands (actually in my ears) and immediately won my attention with its beautiful and effective approach towards the music of the Progressive Rock / Metal field. The cause was the very good previous album of the band, ”Harvest Moon” of 2013, which made me wait with great anticipation their new effort titled ”Ktonik”.

The band in this record (the consecutive fourth) appears to have changed a bit its musical orientation comparing this one to the first three albums, maintaining the true progressive style, though changing the style of their tracks, thus making them heavier in atmosphere and sound. Large role in this played the arrival of the band’s new singer and guitarist in 2013 and the more elaborate focus on the role of the vocals of Bartosz Sobieraj, with his mystical vocal quality and his interpretation behind the microphone, binding 100% with the other instruments, therefore the result is highly cinematic! Slow and medium speeds, some small outbreaks here and there, ballad songs, dark melodies and infernal synths are contributing to what I said earlier. Heavy atmosphere; mournful, atoning. Also the excellent production and thoughtful structures that do not tire in any case leave no room for doubt.

Although throughout the duration of 49 minutes of the record time passes beautifully, I could give you some highlights like: Spiral, Prometheus, Blackened Tree, Vertical, Last Word (I should stop here, I’ll mention everything) …

PS.1 Votum have AESTHETICS, which is important for both the artist and the listener.

PS.2 For lovers of this genre, it’s definitely a good investment (the author of this review has already purchased it).


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