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W.E.B. – Tartarus


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Genre: Symphonic black death metal
Country: Greece
Label: Apathia Records
Year: 2017

In Greek Mythology, Tartarus was both a primordial deity that existed before the Olympians, as well as a name to describe the deep abyss that was used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans. This also is the title of the new effort by the Greek symphonic/ gothic metallers W.E.B. ‘Tartarus’ comes after three years from the highly acclaimed predecessor ‘For Bidens’ and is the band’s 4th studio album.

I guess it comes as no surprise that the concept behind ‘Tartarus’ is tribulation and death. When I first heard the album’s title track which was the first single that was released from the band I instanty thought that this was a very strong song, very good for concerts with atmospheric passages, that you could definetly describe it as theatrical with the choirs included. The opening track is a brief symphonic intro just enough to get you into the appropriate mood for what is yet to come. ‘Dragona’ for me is the most imposing song in this album, with black metal elements and breathtaking melodies, making me feel lucky to have witnessed it live. After all, W.E.B. is a must see live band. ‘Dragona’ was the song that the band picked to become a lyric video and that was a wise choice, it seems that the band knows the big guns that has at its disposal. At last, pointless experimentations with other genres have come to an end and the atmosphere is strengthened and gives the listener a greater image of the darkness that prevails in Tartarus. This atmosphere is peaked with the “Thanatos” trilogy, “Golgotha”, “Epitaphios” and “Mnemosynon”. ‘Golgotha’ is a melodic track that features Sotiris Vayenas (Septicflesh), which was the second single released by the band and my personal favorite as well. ‘Epitaphios’ is dramatic and chaotic, the commutation between female and male vocals is beautiful and this is the longest track of the album. Some would consider it tedious, but the title itself unveils the pain of death that seems unbearable and mourning that seems endless. Last but not least ‘Mnemosynon’ a perfect epilogue to this magnificent album.

The band finally found its missing puzzle piece and played exactly as they were supposed to in order to establish their own identity. The fact is that their previous album was a great album and there is always this fear for the listener that the next one is going to be disappointing. However here this is not the case, the band went a step further and raised the bar in a sufficiently great way. W.E.B evolved as the years passed and raised their own standards so much that I cannot help but be extremely curious for their next release. Don’t miss ‘Tartarus’!


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