Warsenal – Feast Your Eyes


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Genre: Thrash/Speed Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Svart Records
Year: 2019

Just before you push play in order to listen to a record you just bought, you know there are elements that predate you either in a positive or sometimes in a negative way. As we speak about Warsenal I had a positive prepossession. I thought that their moniker is a clever name and indicative of their sound. I likes that their country of origin is Canada and more specific Quebec. I also love Power Trios. The album stumbles between Speed ​​and Thrash and Mat’s vocals, which are neither high pitched nor brutal, and actually balance in something in between. The rhythm section is (as it ought to be) solid. The rhythm changes on the songs initially sound a bit weird, then they get interesting and end up being addictive. But the ace on their sleeves is the riffs. The singer / guitarist give you the feeling that he can comfortably play a ton of riffs, sometimes more straightforward and sometimes more complicated ones. You will hear many wayward Voivod-like guitars and then some razor sharp riffs in the veins of Razor. No, I didn’t mention random Canadian bands. As we speak about Canada please note that the country has offered many interesting new bands mainly from the traditional Metal scene, but with bands like Warsenal it shows that Speed ​​/ Thrash scene is strong too. “Feast Your Eyes” is the second work of Warsenal and as in their debut “Barn Burner” they are full of honesty, sincerity and pure passion for pure metal.



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