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Weedeater || Sadhus (The Smoking Community) || An Club || 16.06.2015


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That Tuesday was a rather warm day, even for Athenian standards, but despite the big number of concerts in the city the last few months, more than 200 people gathered in An Club’s basement to listen to those crazy drunk Southerners that go by the name Weedeater that came to our city for the second time after the first gig of 2011.

Opening band was Sadhus, a very fitting choice since the leaf references are common in both groups. They took over the stage almost an hour later than what was initially programmed, which is always problematic since it was a working day. And it is not that difficult to be in time, especially when people can’t use public means of transport unless they want to miss some songs of their favorites band playing. That sucks, doesn’t it? Anyway, Sadhus delivered their smoke induced rotten sludge as always, with strength and passion. There is something nicely disturbing about the presence of this band on stage, which only makes them more sympathetic. Anthems for the smoking community like “Foodamentalist” and “Make me 20 euros” were played and they were warmly accepted by the audience who started blurring the atmosphere with diy cigarettes. Sadhus is a tight sludge act that never fails to deliver the goods and is long time now beyond the ‘support act’ status.

With even more delay for their own soundcheck, the trio from North Carolina took their place on stage and on first sight you could tell why the drum kit was put forth and in a 90 degree angle to the crowd. Travis Owens, the new drummer is a mad house, an original poseur with attitude and the technical skills to support it. It was hard to imagine this happening, but there is someone in the band that attracts more the crowd than crazy Dixie. Many people didn’t have a clue for the change of line up the last two years and it was fun to see some jaws dropping when Owens started hitting his high hat with his foot and making all kinds of juggling with his sticks while banging the leather as hard as he could. And of course, giving us the finger as often as he could. After some inexplicable southern American rant from Dixie that probably only his family and bandmates understand and the mandatory Jim Beam bottle spin, Weedeater hit it off with “Hammer Handle” from 2011’s “Jason The Dragon”. The sound was loud and swampy, the band was in a good mood, although (or exactly because of) they were obviously intoxicated and the crowd was enjoying a nice night with music from the gutter. Soon into the set, the guitar amp blew up (déjà vu from their last concert in the same place) and that took several minutes to be replaced, which was not good for the flow, but made the band go for it even harder when the problem was restored. Only “Cain Enabler” was played from the band’s latest album “Goliathan” which was rather weird, but that worked for better since older songs were heard, like the highlight “Time Served” from their second album “Sixteen Tons”, on which guitarist Dave Shepherd gets to sing. Then at some point he broke a string and that was the reason for another intermission in which Dixie started telling stories, of course stories that none would get. After some more whiskey bottle spins, some cigarette ping pong among the members and some more songs the band left for a while to let the crowd cheer for them and to return for an encore with their cover in Lynyrd Skynyrd “Gimme back my bullets”.

The setlist that lasted approximately one hour was:

Turkey Warlock
Jason…The Dragon
Cain Enabler
God Luck And Good Speed
Wizard Fight
Monkey Junction
Time Served
Weed Monkey
Gimme Back My Bullets

So you have a band with a half man – half monkey, an ink covered drummer with amazing skills that likes to show off and look at the crowd with his creepy stare and a mild, hardly speaking guitar player that makes you wonder about his level of perversity in order to be in this band with the others. And all this backed up by probably the best local sludge band, it couldn’t be bad in any case. If we leave aside the inexcusable delay of the program and the technical difficulties, the gig was great and people had fun. Simple stuff that are very much needed those days.

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