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While Heaven Wept: Lyric Video for ‘Icarus And I’ Released.


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Virginia’s epic metal band is commemorating its 25th year with the release of its sixth full length album »Suspended At Aphelion« via Nuclear Blast this October. Today the band releases the lyric video for the album track ‘Icarus And I’.

»Suspended At Aphelion« is their most epic, and progressive album so far featuring a single track divided into 11 parts, performed by the entire »Fear Of Infinity« line-up as well as several esteemed guests, including Fates Warning alumni drummer Mark Zonder and co-founding guitarist Victor Arduini – uniting two eras of Fates Warning for the first time ever.

»Suspended At Aphelion« tracklisting:

I: Introspectus
II: Icarus And I
III: Ardor
IV: Heartburst
V: Indifference Turned Paralysis
VI: The Memory Of Bleeding
VII: Souls In Permafrost
VIII: Searching The Stars
IX: Reminiscence Of Strangers
X: Lifelines Lost
XI: Retrospectus


The cover art for »Suspended At Aphelion« was once again created by Gustavo Sazes (Morbid Angel, Arch Enemy etc). The record will be released by Nuclear Blast on October 24th (EU) and October 27 (USA).


Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
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