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Whipstriker – Merciless Artillery


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Genre: Speed Metal/D-beat
Country: Brazil
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Year: 2018

One of the most mischievous of the genre, deeply rooted in the underground as Mr. Victor Vasconcellos appears, the diamond in question is probably the best work of the band’s mastermind that also shares its nickname, Whipstiker (second best considering the equally strong title that is ‘Only Filth Will Prevail’).

Whipstriker, for those who have systematically failed to listen to them over the years is an alloy of Motörhead, Inepsy, with a little Venom and lots of heavy metal education, highly irritating to the ears and extremely enjoyable to play. Without being over the top and without unnecessary “ornaments”, manage to combine the virtues of rock ‘n’ roll, borrowing their drum-playing from the punks, inventing initially a rather more conventional ‘Crude Rock ‘n’ Roll’, in order to advance to the subsequent ‘Troopers Of Mayhem’, which consolidated the most punk influence, and paved the way for experimentation on a more solid ground of the extreme sound, always, and the combination of all the above with an elaborate way. Plenty of heavy metal, well, with the early ditch of Celtic Frost and Sodom, the bad-ass dynamics of speed ‘n’ roll, let’s say, and finally, after almost 10 years, melodic passages, strategically placed in the composition, that’s par ‘Merciless Artillery’.

The latter, hence the reason it’s mentioned in this flattering way and highly praised, containing tracks like “Rape Of Freedom”, “Warspell”, “Bestial Hurricane”, the self-titled as well, hones the processing of the above-mentioned recipe, and so manages to convince anyone unresolved for the exposure to sounds beyond the usual and pretty much expected classics, recommending instead a heady range of options for lovers of the extreme metal sound which are embodied in the vision of a guy who has worked over the years in order to give a foothold to his main influences. Metal-punk, in other words, no speed metal, nor beer-punk, and those faithful enough are welcomed to a war dance, “lined” with the appropriate oldschool riffs.

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