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Wilczyca – Horda


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Genre: Black metal
Country: Poland
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2020

I will begin this review with a small disclaimer: Being “used” to listening to bands like Mgla, Batushka, Behemoth and more known bands from Poland, I was completly unprepared and caught off guard for the kind of black metal Wilczyca are playing and for one reason. This band is “stuck” on the traditional Polish black metal sound and for me it is not at all bad. So, we have the band’s 2nd album, titled ‘Horda’ and in fact, it is the 2nd during the same year, as in 2020, their 1st self titled album ‘Wilczyca’ was released. We have a very productive band and for me it is a good thing. Let’s dive into it…

Regarding the album’s sound, as I mentioned in the prologue, here we have a band not in the common mainstream sound which can be heard nowadays. Wilczyca is a band staying true and loyal to Poland’s traditional sound and this album is raw, unprocessed and allow to use the term “rotten”, but used in a good way. Those of you who listen to this kind of black metal, will know what I mean. With a production harsh enough to let the death stench come out, with 8 songs spanning at around 38 minutes, the band can pass their message to us, which from what I managed to get by translating their lyrics from Polish to English, is against religion mostly. Please forgive me if I am that wrong and I apologize to the band too.

Music wise, you can expect mid tempo to almost fast songs and some “outbursts” and I will explain the quotes. Those outbursts are working the other way around with Wilczyca as they are REALLY slow, on the verge of becoming suicidal black metal and luckily they are not. They also have some ambient intros and outros, slow, funeral like and capable of creating nightmares. Razorblade guitars as they should be in this black metal sound, drums strangely clean and vocals that can pierce someone’s soul and not in a pleasant way, meaning that they are hellish and mean. It is what every black metal singer should have in his voice and so far, at least in Greece, I have met only one person able to that and that person is Wrath from Dodsferd. Here let me note that in this album you will not listen to band reinventing the wheel not something that will completely blow you away. You will listen to black metal, played with honesty and much care in the band’s art.

Closing this review I will say this: those of you who like raw black metal, go for it without any thoughts. The others, proceed with caution but in the end I think you will get to like it. Speaking for me, I must admit that at first I had second thoughts, but while listening to the album a 2nd and a 3rd time, I realized that it is not at all a bad album. Ok, it might not be what I will listen to while I am at home relaxing, but it is an album that I will go back and listen to again soon.


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